Hello guys.

You know, Statista is one of the best statistics platforms to download reports, statistics, dossiers, studies… And the fee for using their products are very high. It is about 59$ per month for a Premium Account (700$ for a year and they require you to subscribe for yearly) and 700$ per month for a Corporation Account (8400$ for a year and of course, they require you to subscribe for yearly).

I’m sure with the price that high, none of you can afford the price just to get some reports or statistics. That is the reason why I made this website.

You can visit to download almost any data from Statista. I will update the data daily and if you can not find the data you need, just chat with me (the chat icon on the bottom right side), I will upload the data that you need to in about 10 minutes.

So do you need to pay me anything to get the data?, the answer is YES and NO. If you are a student or some employees that don’t have much money, it is ok, you can still get the data for free by click on the download button and complete one simple task. When you have completed the task then it will show you the download link and you can give it without paying me anything.

But if you are a busy businessman and you want to get quite much data and you don’t have time to complete some tasks, it is ok too. Please contact me with the chat feature or my contact information here:

Skype: cheapstatista

Telegram: cheapstatista

Live Chat: Tidio

I will take you 5$ for 10 reports and the data will be delivered in about 3 minutes. Very easy and quick.

If you have any more questions. Don’t hesitate to contact and ask me.

Best regards.